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Sparkfun AVC A forum where members can discuss competing in the annual Sparkfun AVC
Sensors A forum where members can discuss traditional and cutting edge obstacle sensors
Rover 3.2 This category is for support and discussion about Rover-3.2 (aka APMrover2-3.2.0).
Feature requests A forum where members can submit requests for new features
APM Backporting If you have any feature requests that are in the mainstream current rover releases that you would like backported to the older APM releases this is the place to make that request.
ArduSub Topics about ArduSub ROV
Rover 3.0.0 Any problems/questions/issues specifically related to the Rover 3.0.0 release please post them in here.
Rover 2.50 Support for ArduRover2 v2.50 firmware
Operating/Tuning A forum where members can discuss various ways of firmware and chassis tuning for optimum performance
Rover 3.1.0
Chassis A forum where members can discuss commercial and homebrew chassis construction
Rover-3.3 For support and discussion about the Rover-3.3 firmware
ArduBoat A forum where members can discuss autonomous boats and ROVs
Miscellaneous An area where members can pose hardware or firmware question that do not fit in other forums

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