Thruster for buoy

I want to build an RC buoy and I’m thinking about the design.
I have a question how many motors will I need for the prototype? How many do you recommend? I don’t know if I can just use one and rotate it.

Plenty of info on the forum. Use search for Bouy.

Hi @matsy,

You’ve probably already seen it but the supported motor configurations are here.

I think an omni frame probably makes the most sense for a buoy but sadly we don’t yet support using the lateral motors / thrusters for position control (including Loiter). It’s on the to-do list but it’s not actively being worked on at the moment.

Practically speaking, I think two thrusters (aka skid steering) will be best. They’re easy to set up and have fewer moving parts.

Thank you so much for the information and advice, I will keep it in mind. I am new to this world of autopilots and building RC vehicles.
I wanted to ask you, I am thinking of implementing an RTK GPS for the buoy, do you think it is really necessary to use RTK GPS to maintain a position of a buoy in a single place or is only a traditional GPS module sufficient?

Hi @matsy,

I guess it depends upon how much accuracy you need but I suspect that its not necessary. Especially if you get a Ublox F9P based GPS then it is already very accurate.