AP support for DJI RS2, RSC2, RS3 gimbals (maybe)

As part of my recent efforts to improve AP’s gimbal and camera support I’m hoping to add support for the DJI RS2, RSC2 and RS3 handheld gimbals.

I’ve created this topic to try and focus discussion on support for these gimbals in a single place.

I’ve raised a funding proposal to AP to pay for the required hardware here.

MH has found documentation for the DJI R CAN protocol and it can be found here in the DroneCAN general discord channel.

The ConstantRobotics project uses the DJI R SDK to control the gimbal from a PC and might be a good reference.


Nice projec, does it have a mount for a copter?

Base plates with integrated power-through are available for the gimbals. Otherwise the cheaper option is to hack the mount, and supply 4s lipo direct to the gimbal.

I’ll make sure to create a hack guide, if the first control-through-ardupilot tests are successful :slight_smile:

See here: SmallRig Power Supply Base Plate for DJI RS 2/ RS 3 / RS 3 Pro 3252

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Hi Randy,

I would like to support your development.
I have an older version of the Ronin Gimbal, the Ronin-SC, very lightweight and cheap.
I could send you that Gimbal (from Germany) or I could support you with some money to buy a new version.


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I have a RSC2 here. Also have the Raveneye unit. Wanna remote to it ?

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@haydar, @LuisVale,

Thanks very much for the offers! It looks like one of the original requesters is going to loan me the hardware for the initial development at least. Assuming that goes well I might ask you to help me with testing.

We’ve received a list of models that use the DJI R SDK protocol (which I hope to write a driver for) and it looks like it is only the RS2 and RS3 Pro (not even the regular RS3). So a much shorter list than expected.

My RS2 has arrived and I’m surprised to find that the DJI Ronin app is required but is not available through the google store. I’ve installed it manually from the .apk file on the DJI site (link to Japan DJI download area is here) and it seems to be working OK.

Did you only get the gimbal or the entire kit (ie the wifi image transmitting module RavenEye) ? And mine is the RSC2.
I haven’t spent much time on the technicalities of the RSC2/RavenEye as it just works…

Hi @LuisVale,

I have only the gimbal I think…

Any plans to support the OM cellphone gimbals?


At the moment there are no plans to support the DJI Osmo 6 (or similar) hand held gimbals because they have a very different interface from the DJI RS2/3 gimbals. I had a quick peek at the Omno 6 instruction manual and it appears they only provide a bluetooth interface (and we have no documentation yet on this interface) while the RS2/3 have a CAN interface.

Of course, if we somehow find information on the interface to these others gimbals I’m happy to try and write a driver for it.

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A quick update is that I’ve gotten as far as wiring up the gimbal to an autopilot. So below is a picture of the wiring of an autopilot’s CAN port to the gimbal’s Ronin-S Focus wheel. This focus wheel attaches to a 6-pad port that is hidden under the foam grip. I wonder if it would be possible to directly use the gimbal’s 6-pin pad but in any case, the focus wheel is not terribly expensive and has a convenient 4-pin CAN connector on the bottom.

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Exciting! Looking forward to hearing more about the progress. I have a set-up ready for testing, so let me know if i can help with anything. :smiley:


I am trying to control the RS2 Gimbal exactly like the DJI Assist app with Force Mobile via Bluetooth.

The RS2 Gimbal has one Bluetooth service 0000fff5 which receives and executes the command, I want to send continual write commands to control the movement of gimbal. I managed to find the UUID that performs a recentre and what makes it go to the right, left, up and down using a Bluetooth sniffer and Wireshark in between the DJI Assist app on an Android phone and RS2 to identify the service and the UUID or hex being sent to the RS2.

Device Service:

WRITEABLE WITHOUT RESPONSE service UUID (0000fff5-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)

I was wondering if you would help me discover if there is a correlation between the DJI R SDK Protocol and User Interface hex commands and if they are sent by the DJI Assist App via Bluetooth service above to the RS2 to control it.

You have experience via the CANBus side of things and thought you could help shed some light here.