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Off topic and Water Cooler discussion about the autopilot world.


Blog category for all interesting ArduPilot related projects. Blog posts are shown on


Copter software and configuration user support discussion


Plane software and configuration user support discussion


This forum is for discussion and support of the ArduPilot Rover software


Antenna Tracker software and configuration user support discussion

Ground Control Software

Support for desktop and mobile ground control software


Discussions about hardware, such as frames, ESCs, motors, sensors, etc.

Hardware Vendors

Hardware Vendors is a category where all ArduPilot related hardware vendors can do support for different hardware they manufacture.

APSync / Companion Computers

Discussion and support for APSync and Companion Computers

Development Team

Discussions for ArduPilot software development. Please do not use this category to ask support questions. Thank you.


Discussion of all types marketing ideas, how to make ArduPilot more known, event ideas, slogans, merchandise ideas and so on


Discussion of proposed projects that Ardupilot.ORG will fund. Our funding committee will review your proposal. Use this category if you have a great idea or need. Older proposals are archived here.

Google Summer of Code

GSOC 2018 discussion area for students, mentors and the ArduPilot Community.
Gitter chat discussion is here.

Log Analysis -- deprecated

Log Analysis
Tools, methods and processes to do log file examination by the users, for the users.


When we want to retire old categories, we move all the messages in that category into this one, and then we can clean/remove them later.

Old Proposals

Older archived Ardupilot funding proposals (see latest proposals here)