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Copter 3.4 This Category is for the discussion of Copter 3.4 release. SkyViper This is a place to discuss the <a href="">SkyViper GPS drone</a>. Please use this only for things that are specific to the SkyViper. Copter Simulation Discussions area for <a href=""> Software In the Loop</a> (SITL) <a href="">Simulation</a> related to copter Traditional Helicopter Single/Coax This category is for support discussion on the Single Copter and Coax Copter frame types. Copter 3.2 Discussions and support requests for Copter 3.2 Copter 3.6 Copter 3.6 discussion including support issues Copter 3.1 Discussions and support requests for Copter 3.1 Copter 3.3 Discussions and support requests for Copter 3.3 Copter 3.5 Discussions and support for Copter 3.5
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