Unable to connect to Ubuntu SITL from Mission Planner

Thank you for your answers always.

on this video, you can see that I was unable to connect to WSL Ubuntu SITL from Mission Planner.

after running the command :
"sim_vehicle.py -j4 -v Plane -f quadplane -A “–serial0==udpclient:” --no-mavproxy --custom-location=“2.48647,-159.45417,0,0"”
the result seems good in Ubuntu Terminal.
However, I couldn’t connect.
usually when I input this command, Mission Planner automatically detected SITL instance and automatically connected.
I installed and tested with this method several times with several laptops.

only this laptop is not connecting well.
Could I ask the way to find the reason, to experts here in forum?

Hello, anyone have clue for this?

What do you mean by “–serial0==udpclient:” ???

Please check guides here:

Make sure x forwarding is set up and run with MavProxy enabled. You should then be able to connect MP on a second TCP or UDP port.

Did you switch from WSL to WSL2 by any chance? The way port forwarding works has changed between the two.

Hello, thank you for your expert answer. As you mentioned, the way port forwarding works has changed between the two.

So, WSL 2 can’t handle multiple types of vehicle SITL.

So, I’m using WSL 1 for multiple types of vehicle SITL, and it has worked well on several laptops.

Thank you for your expert answer. If I can’t find the way to repair this, I will follow your instructions.


I remember you recommended following the official guide for ArduPilot debugging regarding my AHRS examples question, but there was no MAVLink running code in the examples, which seemed illogical for my question.

Thank you for your responses, but not all official guides are applicable to every situation.

I resolved the issue by reinstalling Ubuntu. I had cloned two ArduPilot repositories with different name on the same Ubuntu installation, and it appears that sim_vehicle.py was conflicting with both repositories.

For your question, The --serial0==udpclient: command was used to connect multiple vehicle types (I specified the UDP port number for this purpose, and as I remember, this command is also in the official ArduPilot guide).

As I mentioned in my previous question, I installed and ran it with this command several times before, so it wasn’t an issue of not following the guide.

Thank you again for your expert advice.

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