Mission Planner does not display battery voltage

Hello, I have a 1800 mah 6S battery. When I connect in Mission Planner, the voltage of the battery is 0 in red. I also get the “battery 1 below minimum arm voltage” prearm error. what can I do? Also my battery is connected to pixhawk 4. What should I choose in the battery calibration section? Calculated battery voltage and amperage show 0

Hello Maria,

Have you correcty setup your Battery Monitor Parameters? Or do you even have a proper current/voltage measurement device like a mauch sensor hall or a power module?

Please take a look on it:

And take special care in the assignment of the pin you are using to measure your battery voltage and current, if they are misconfigured you will always see zero there.

Thank you very much, I did what you said. I measured the voltage and entered the value but it is not accepting. Still zero unfortunately.

If possible, upload your parameter list, so we could check if some parameter is wrong.