Cube Orange Power Monitor Configuration

Hello everyone,

I’m using a Cube Orange Plus with two power sources. I have a Mauch sensor in Power 1 for power sensing and a Power Brick Mini in Power 2 for backup. I’d like to configure the system to use data only from the Power 1 module and have the Power 2 module act solely as a backup. I’m using Arducopter 4.3.7.

Any help or guidance on how to set up this configuration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Assuming you’ve set up the primary battery monitor for the Mauch with the settings they provide…

Go to MissionPlanner / Setup / Battery Monitor 2
Select “Analog Voltage only”

Reboot the flight controller, then go back to the same section
Select “Pixhawk2_PM2…” for Volt pin and probably “Disabled” Current pin

Now go to Config / Full Paramater List
Verify that in BATT parameters you have all of these set correctly:


Use the initial parameters calculator if you are unsure of anything.

And in BATT2 the equivelant params should all be zeros - you will need to enter zero in BATT2_CAPACITY and BATT2_LOW_VOLT as they will have default values.
BATT2 voltages will be recorded in logs, but no actions taken.

In full parameter list check that you have

BATT2_CURR_PIN,4 (-1 for disabled)

I adjusted the text and screenshots above to give these correct values after I tried it out on my Cube Orange (same as Cube Orange + for these)
I had started just using an old Pixhawk1 1M that I already had on the desk so it was a bit different.