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Funding for Shenzhen EXPO booth 22-24th June, max 1k$USD (10)
Unit Tests Proposal (9)
Funding for ArnavD's GSoC hardware [Approved] (3)
Code Bounty for DJI CANBus [Expired] (12)
Funding for GSoC Student Hardware: Sepehr MohaimenianPour [Approved] (2)
Funding for Ebin Philip for GSoC Balance bot project [Approved] (2)
Funding for GSoC student hardware: Dimitri Vasilkov [Approved] (3)
Funding for UAVCAN DIY UC4H ESC nodes [Closed] ( 2 ) (39)
Donation to ChibiOS project [Approved] (9)
Funding for RPi Compute Module carrier board (16)
Older Proposals (1)
Ardupilot Swag Shop [Closed] ( 2 ) (22)
ArduPilot owned swags shop [Approved, dev team vote] (14)
Up to AU$1k for Canberra developer meetup [Approved] (5)
Upgrade Semaphore CI [Approved] (15)