[APPROVED] Pixhawk 6C and ESCs for IOMCU Extended DShot Telemetry v2 Testing


Request for Pixhawk 6C hardware and a pair of BlHeli_32-compatible ESCs for testing contributions to Extended DShot Telemetry v2 support in IOMCU firmware.

Proposal type:

Hardware [ X ]


I am implementing support for Extended DShot Telemetry v2 (this PR). While I can test out few setups using my own hardware, I don’t have anything with IOMCU outputs, for which recently support of DShot and bidirectional DShot telemetry was implemented. So I was encouraged by the developers to submit this request in order for IOMCU testing to be possible.

The hardware required is the Pixhawk 6C and a pair of ESCs compatible with BlHeli_32, one to run a recent BlHeli_32, one to have AM32 flashed. (The third ESC firmware to support EDTv2 is Bluejay, but I already have an ESC to be used for this purpose)

Planned amount $$ (USD):

$307, all from Holybro, which is:

  • $234 for Pixhawk 6C;
  • 2 x $21 for Tekko32 F4 45A ESCs;
  • $31 for delivery.

Estimated time for completion:

Within 1 month after receiving the hardware.

@MaxBuzz We can sponsor you the hardware. Please register an account on our website and let me know once it is done.

I’ve registered shortly before creating this post (using the same first and last name as here).

@MaxBuzz Please update the Holybro account with the shipping information :grinning:. It is currently just UK.

Done! (I filled that in when computing the shipping cost, but that was not saved)

Here is my two-part “test stand” that has just been assembled today, and with it I can confirm that, with slight #define adjustments, EDTv2 via IOMCU works!

Some AM32 testing is ahead, but BlHeli32’s and Bluejay’s status messages successfully get logged.