GSoC MAVProxy Chat Enhancements funding request

Topic:GSoC MAVProxy Chat Enhancements funding request

Proposal type: Other : AI server rental

Description: AI server rental for AdityaO’s GSoC project

The project is described here on the wiki but in short AdityaO is working on enhancing MAVProxy’s AI chat module.

The work using OpenAI’s assistant has already been funded sufficiently by this earlier proposal but the stretch goal of implementing the chat using a local LLM will require higher powered GPUs somewhere. This proposal is to rent 100 hours of GPU on Digital Ocean’s Paper Space (or similar).

With some simple testing on Randy’s PC, a local LLM with a compute capability of 8.6, responses took about 12 seconds to complete. We think this is about the limit of usability meaning we think we would need one of the higher priced options like the A6000 at $1.89 / hour.

Some references:

Planned amount $$ (USD): $200

Estimated time for completion: 3 months

I think it would be great if you can make a small post showing what is working, what is not and some progress issue with GPU etc, that would be very interesting in knowledge sharing.

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Hi @khancyr,

Thanks for that. I think that Aditya will make a blog post shortly and we will try and do a better job of posting in the gsoc discord channel.

More generally I’d like to make progress on the GSoC projects as open as possible while also giving the students a safe enough space that they don’t feel shy about asking questions and making mistakes.

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