[APPROVED] OpenAI business account

I’d like to get an OpenAI business account in the name of ArduPilot Foundation for all dev team members to use. Can be used with Randy’s new AI MAVProxy module.
Total cost is US$300/month for two months, paid by credit card


Just a few comments to be careful with what we link to openai and most AI stuff.

They explicitly say they don’t care about work license, so anything you feed them is given as free to them and any other that will reuse the AI (well with subscription). They breach any license on code work, including all ArduPilot works, any code use should be use with caution.

Paid account doesn’t garantee access to openai feature depending on the country and the update they are doing. So it would be good to put a time limit to the experiment there.

Chatgpt intelligence is based on generative content, so it cannot be trained to output the truth, there will always be a part of randomness (more or less large depending on how their model is trained and tweaked), so we shouldn’t trust it 100% nor ask communities to trust it


all good points, thanks Pierre, but Randy already has something useful (and more importantly fun!) to test with his voice input mavproxy module. I think we need to learn about AI and how it could be used. Having this acct will help us learn and understand

A lot of interesting features may be developed through openAI.

In terms of handling costs to AP, we can do this within the OpenAI API web pages:

  1. Set up an ArduPilot organisation
  2. Setup monthly billing limits and email warnings as we approach these limits
  3. Invite team members to the organisation
  4. those team members can set their “Organisation” to ArduPilot which should allow use of AP’s API keys

Sorry if I wasn’t clear… I don’t say to not experiment and provide some example work but to just remember the limitation of such tools ! As some are really limimiting/deadly

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What are the usage costs? I think we need to cap it, at some level. I’m not familiar with the openAI billing model, but from experience cloud computing costs can blow out accidentally very quickly.

I think they can use anything you put into the AI, but with ArduPilot being open-source, I think they’ll have already scraped GitHub for that, right? So feeding it parts of the ArduPilot source code wouldn’t actually give it anything new?

We’d just need to be careful about not feeding it anything that isn’t public already.

Great, I look forward to openAI bringing excellent performance to ArduPilot.

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Depends, if you feed something no public, then they have it and can share it

To be a part of this , what must one do ?,

Like I am interested into this, even I wanna join you guys, if at all possible

Hi @james_pattison,

Regarding usage costs, my highest cost has been just under $10 for a day of development with an average being more like $3 to $4.

Hi @Ludwig_ditch,

Regarding getting involved there’s a new “ai” channel in discord and I’ll be creating a blog post within the next week.

The latest MAVProxy chat module code is here and accompanying wiki page here and an issue here.

Due to costs we probably won’t be able to fund non-core AP developers but actually anyone with an OpenAI API key can recreate the model used (there’s a script here) and play around with and help develop the MAVProxy module or whatever else. Even without the key there’s some work on the MAVProxy chat window that could be done.


@james_pattison @andyp1per @tridge,

Not to be too pushy but I guess this has been approved and maybe we can make it official?

Approved by the @Funding_Team - I think we agreed to try a couple of months and then review

We need to cap the cost: the idea is endorsed, but we need to know the actual budget/maximum spend. Please update the proposal so that is clear.

I’ve updated the proposal at the top to be a maximum of $300USD/month for two months. This is a trial run to see what the actual costs will be.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

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