[APPROVED] Request for EDU650 batteries and propellers and ethernet adapter

Topic: EDU650 batttery and props

This will be my general ArduPilot test rig for flight-testing DDS features, and some other GPS/EARHS developments, such as MicroStrain 3DM-QG7 and Trimble PX-1. This is the only rig I have that can carry a Jetson Nano sized computer. Perhaps the funding comittee could approve this because AP does not yet have any dev team members flying ROS 2 regularly.

  • Properly sized and new batteries
  • Spare propellors for my EDU650 (snapped some on initial testing due to tipping)
  • As part of ROS 2, Iā€™d like to test the ethernet support in flight, so I added a botblox ethernet adapter. My GNSS-INS supports ethernet.
  • XT-90 anti-spark

Proposal type: Hardware , Software , Other : _________________


2x Battery, 4 pairs of props, and some longer battery straps

Planned amount $$ (USD): $260.66


Estimated time for completion: 4 weeks

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My EDU650 is built and ready to go otherwise.

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