Cube Orange Plus and related equipment for Dev


I am currently working with some clients who need help with connecting Ardupilot with ROS-2 and would require a CubeOrange Plus and a FTDI Serial Adapter

Proposal type: Hardware [ X ] , Software , Other : _________________


Planned amount $$ (USD):

Estimated time for completion:

15 Days

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Happy to discuss, but as written this proposal appears to be a request for hardware to support consulting efforts. I can’t support that.

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Hi @james_pattison ! Thanks for the reply, actually an issue is currently open in the Ardupilot with users having trouble with integrating ROS 2 with Ardupilot on the same hardware
Link to the issue : AP_DDS: MicroROS agent doesn't publish topics when GPS automatically gets GPS lock. · Issue #25535 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
This request was made to better help me and the Ardupilot team to further debug and investigate this issue.

This request was also made to further our efforts for hardware testing our DDS/ROS-2 Integration. Currently ,we have had limited tests done with the Pixhawk 6X but it seems there is a lot of confusion with the serial port mappings (and what ports to use) and having such tests done on other hardware would help us improve our docs and also help us in mitigating the above mentioned issues.
Thanks again

Wouldn’t a Pixhawk6x variant be a better option? Since it has Ethernet support?

Plus maybe one of those small switches the other devs got a bit ago for ros2 & Ethernet.

Also given the use case probably add on a RPi to act as the companion computer :slight_smile:

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Let’s close this so that a you can make a clean request outlining what you need to support ArduPilot ROS 2 development. Input into that from @rfriedman would be appreciated: it seems he’s already put some effort towards the referenced issue.
To be 100% clear: I will not support using ArduPilot funds to replicate a client’s setup. That’s a matter solely between you and your client.
If there’s a need for hardware to support ArduPilot development, that’s a different matter and we can look at it.


Agreed @hendjosh !
I actually am interested in testing Ardupilot - ROS 2 support on real hardware and given the fact that some tests were already done with Pixhwak6x , i believe its certainly a good choice. But given the fact that many users have pointed out trouble setting up Ardupilot and testing out ROS-2 on real hardware , i thought testing out on other boards like Cube Orange will help the team and the community as a whole to get a better understanding of performance and issues involved with the said project on real hardware .

Agreed @james_pattison , I should have better phrased my proposal.
What I actually meant was that several users who have been eager to test out our ROS-2 support on real hardware, have had quite some trouble with setting up the project (pointed out in the above issue).What I intended was to test the project’s performance on real hardware myself and in case of any bugs, work on resolving them as well. This was one of the critical next plans for this project and this was intended to improve our Ardupilot-ROS 2 support for real time hardware and at the same time improve our hardware setup documentations to better aid the developers. I wanted to make it clear that my intention for this proposal was to setup the project on a real hardware and help in resolving the issues the community might face while trying out the project. Again, I am sorry and apologize for any confusion I might have caused and as suggested by James, I would make a new and clean request outlining my intended task.

closing it in favor of a new proposal as suggested.
Again Sorry inconvenience caused

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