[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Conference Costs

Topic: Funding Proposal for Conference Costs

Proposal type: Hardware , Software , Other [ X] : Conference


I am seeking financial support to cover some of the costs associated with participating in two key conferences in France, where I presented work related to ArduPilot.

Conference Participation:

  1. 2RM Conference (Réseau Métier des Roboticiens et Mécatroniciens) - May 23, 2024 EcoleTechno2024 - Wiki du Réseau des Roboticiens et Mécatroniciens :
  • Event Overview: The 2RM is a professional network that connects technical staff from research laboratories focused on robotics and mechatronics. This network promotes the exchange of knowledge, training, and collaboration to foster innovation and best practices in these fields.
  • Presentation Details: I delivered a 20-minute presentation titled “How to Use Double Autopilot with ArduPilot” during the Ecole Techno 2024 event. The audience primarily consisted of academic professionals and researchers in robotics.
  • Follow-Up Activities: Two PRs were submitted to share the demonstration conducted during the presentation:
  • Future Plans: The presentation will be converted into a blog post in English to reach a broader audience, given the interest shown in the topic.
  1. ROSConFr (French ROS Conference) - June 19, 2024 https://roscon.fr/ :
  • Event Overview: ROSConFr is the French conference dedicated to the Robot Operating System (ROS), providing a platform for sharing advancements and applications of ROS. Audience is mixed between researchers and companies using robotics.
  • Presentation Details: I will present the current state of ROS 2 and ArduPilot in 2024. While my presentation will not result in immediate follow-up actions from my side, it will contribute valuable insights and feedback to the community.
  • Additional Context: I anticipate that Ryan and Rhys will deliver more comprehensive presentations at the Unconference, providing further value to attendees.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 350€

Estimated time for completion:

early July for the blog post as I am already full writing the conference presentations.

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