[APPROVED] Cube Orange Plus and related hardware required for testing Ardupilot DDS/ROS 2 Client


Hello, Ardupilot Community, I was one of the developers involved with the development of ROS-2 client for Ardupilot vehicles. I currently require the following :

  • CubeOrange Plus, and
  • FTDI Serial Adapter
    for setting up and testing out the project on a real hardware (one of the critical follow ups planned for this project)

Proposal type: Hardware , Software , Other : _________________


As mentioned above, after the conclusion of my GSoC work in 2023, hardware testing for this project was intended to be one of the critical follow ups, and so far we have been able to test the project on Pixhawk 6X board and resultant steps needed to reproduce have been added here.
But currently, many of the users interested in testing out the said project on a real hardware are having a tough time reproducing it on their end.(one example can be found with the this issue)
My plan would be to setup and test out the Ardupilot - ROS2 project on a real hardware, :

  • and hence find out any limitations and work on patching any bug, that might be present
  • Updating the documentation for setting up the project,
  • Provide tutorials and guide for setting up project,
  • If possible , help in successfully resolving issues like this

Planned amount $$ (USD):

Estimated time for completion:

15 Days

All the work intended to be performed with the potential hardware procured from this proposal would be done for the ultimate benefit of the Ardupilot project and the Ardupilot community
Thanks !


This would be greatly helpful Arsh.

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Approved by @Funding_Team

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@arshPratap CubePilot has offered to provide the flight controller. If you can provide shipping details to @bugobliterator or me they can get it arranged.

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Thanks @james_pattison , @Funding_Team for approving the request, I will share the shipping details asap !

@arshPratap CubePilot has kindly agree to send you a CubeRed and CubeOrangePlus for free - please get in contact with @bugobliterator to get them

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Hi @andyp1per thanks for the reply…I have shared the necessary information with @james_pattison and @bugobliterator
Cheers !