[CANCELLED] Flight Controller for development

Topic: Flight Controller for development

Proposal type: Hardware , Software , Other : _________________


The last Ardupilot capable hardware I personally owned was a crusty old Pixhawk 2 or something.
I’d like to upgrade to something modern.

My needs are general development and bench testing.

Planned amount $$ (USD):

I thought about getting a standard issue Cube Orange+ and a GNSS RX.
Local suppliers offer the ADSB board. That and a Here 3 RX go for ~350EUR, excl. tax (which I’ll get returned as a company invoice).

@khancyr proposed Cube Orange+ ADS-B carrier board - Airbot Systems as a supplier. Seems like a good choice. I couldn’t find any outstanding options within the Netherlands themselves.

Any counter-arguments are welcome.
Any help is welcome, I was prepared to buy one with my own money anyway.

Estimated time for completion:

N/A. I don’t have a specific project in mind.

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What kind of development do you plan to do, or do you have any plans in mind? These slight changes can lead to differences in hardware configuration.

Maybe you can checkout below link, which will give some idea.


No further need for this request.
CubePilot were so kind to provide me with an EDU kit.