[APPROVED] Rotoye SmartBattery Monitors for SmartBatt Info. Testing


I’d like to get three Rotoye smartbatt modules for testing of my Smart_Battery_Info. PR: here

It has been hard to test timing issues when there are many batteries on the same bus as I do not have SMBus hardware. SMBus can have timing issues due to its longer timeout delay from normal I2C

Proposal type: Hardware [X ] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________

Description: 6S I2C SmBus battery monitors


Planned amount $$ (USD): Qnty 3 x $150 = $450

Estimated time for completion:

2 weeks once they arrive (6+ week lead time)

I’ve been using one of these for some months now.

It works but we did find some small issues that I hope have been fixed in the latest version.

@amilcarlucas care to describe your issues further?

I know you had some cubeblack issues?

Yes, it does not work with cubeBlack, it might be an issue with the Here3 CAN GNSS but I could not test it yet, and we are moving to CubeOrange anyways.

The other issues I had seam to got fixed in the Batmon 5.06 FW release.

Where did you find these? I’m looking at the rotoye website and there’s only sparse information. And most of the info needs to be Google searched as there seems to be no directory links on the website. I can find stuff like basic info on V4 and V5, but no option to purchase. I’m running a new 17kg lidar rig that’s using 12s 30ah with no p cells layout. I would love to be able to monitor all 12 cells during flights.

Contact them directly via e-mail.

A good web developer might want to contact them as well : ) Thanks!

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You may purchase the V5 boards online: https://rotoye.com/batmon/BATMON-v5-devkit-p480893112