[APPROVED] funding 3D max Indie 2024 one year

Topic: Funding for 3D software for client relations simulations in RealFlight

Proposal type: Hardware , Software [x ] , Other : _________________

Description: Term 1 year auto-renews July 31, 2024 (UTC)

Number of seats 1

Planned amount $$ (USD): $290.00

Estimated time for completion: one year.## Topic:

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Can you explain it a bit more in detail? What are the benefits?

Last years document/ [APPROVED] Request funding 3D max Indie 2024 one year


Aug 2023

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Aug 2023

Sep 2023

Quadzillabrandon macdougallDeveloper


Aug 2023

Proposal type: Hardware , Software [x ] , Other : _________________

Description: Term 1 year auto-renews July 31, 2023/24 (UTC)

Number of seats 1

Planned amount $$ (USD): $290.00

Estimated time for completion: one year.


Aug 2023

Approved by @Funding_Team
Looking forward to more models to play with!

Jul 2022

From Andrew: I support this as Brandon provides great support for users (including me) on the simulation channel creating RF9 models, which uses 3ds max.

Honestly I had no idea that no one understood my history and did not need to be explained in detail my job. But a lot of my work is for the partners that need NDA’s

That anwser the question, this funding is for your consulting company and not for the project. Thus this shouldn’t be qualified for funding by ArduPilot.

Thanks for the clarification

Edit : github model contributions : History for RealFlight - ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub

Not just for my consulting but I have done a lot of free work for the community, Again I think your out of line… BTW I making copies of this in case you edit,

Here is a VTOL I designed to help everyone that i uploaded. check the date.
SITL: Add Delany VTOL Tilt Rotor by timtuxworth · Pull Request #134 · ArduPilot/SITL_Models · GitHub

To learn how to use DEM maps from a community request. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVIpMCvuBpQ

Work i did for Andrew
. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Romq6wiek

So your claim holds no water.

What is wrong Brandon you have all ways been a member of the Ardupilot communnity,and very unlike you to be this vocal,as you did as you say free community work you can not use this as I reason to ask for funds,approach it the right way and you will surely be considered.
Amilcarla is a well respected member as are you,please approach this in a more gentle manner

I been accused of receiving money for my own gain I do a ton of work for free, Duty bound to clean the air, I was encouraged to get funding so you can see why i am confused. Having said this I will question the time i help from now on. For you i will stand down, Thanks, so you know I was approved for the same request last year.

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I support the proposed funding request

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I’m not on the funding committee but I also support this. Thanks @Quadzilla for all your efforts!

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I was just going over the Github list you uploaded and did you know that I did the fox model Gazebo has used was from realflight master? hmm. without giving credit to my shop. As I see it you can’t block me then use my work.

I want to defuse this in the most objective and amicable way possible, as I truly believe that all parties here are well intentioned, and I think we are moving toward the best possible outcome where @Quadzilla can continue his efforts for the community and his clients unimpeded. Please, all, take a deep breath and review the timeline:

Funding request for a renewal of a several-years’ running license is requested in a very brief manner, with an underlying assumption that further explanation is likely not required.

Unfortunately, the funding request did not reference renewal of an existing license, and frankly contains a typo in the software title. Even a simple Google search reveals its primary uses as cinematic and game development, thus prompting Dev1 to ask for some clarification. This question is dismissed, as the perception is that it was a simple request for renewal.

Dev2 then asks for a bit more explanation regarding intended use (community vs private venture). This question is answered initially as work under NDA, prompting a further line of questioning that has since been thoroughly answered, likely to the satisfaction of all interested.

Both questions were valid but perceived as criticism or indictment. As objectively as I can read all responses, I do not think that was the intent of anyone here, and I’d ask that cooler heads prevail.

To sum up: @quadzilla continually contributes work developed in whole or in part via Autodesk’s 3DS Max Indie software for use in RealFlight/Gazebo/etc to both community and client projects. Further argument and/or justification is almost entirely unwarranted. We simply await votes from the funding team to proceed.


I think this is a good summerly of the facts. As a dyslexic, my thoughts at times do not represent my writing ability - for that I apologise,


Approved by the @Funding_Team

Thank you Andy! ------