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Emphasize the importance of authentic GPS modules [DISMISSED] (12)
Funding for GSoC student hardware [Approved] (17)
Develop/deploy a web-based LOG visualiser for helping user/s [Withdrawn] (8)
Next-gen ESC validation and integration... VESC [Declined] ( 2 ) (23)
An web shop [Closed] ( 2 ) (21)
Comparative sensor tests [Closed] (6)
PWM Output Signal Options [Expired] (4)
아두파일럿드론재작할수있을까요 [Declined] (13)
Buy Testing Solos for Matt [Approved] (9)
Direct SBUS Output on Ardupilot-Linux ports [Expired] (9)
Solo for Storm32 Gimbal controller developer [Withdrawn] (20)
Enable Serial 5 for Mavlink and Craft and Theory etc [Closed] (17)
Ardupilot Branded Merchandise [Approved] (5)
Creating a large 3D object using the Drone Extruder [Declined] (10)
Funding for Weekly dev call chair person [Withdrawn] (7)
Proposal for Bounty for Easy-to-use ROS images for RPI3 [Closed] ( 2 ) (27)
Free PWM ports functions assigning [Declined] (6)
Awards for best contribution each month [Approved] (15)
Aerflite Flight Controller funding for a batch of 10 boards [Withdrawn] (7)
Bugmaster for ArduPilot [Approved] (8)
Reference Designs [Expired] (16)