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Comparative sensor tests [Closed]

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There are now many many sensors drivers available in ArduPilot. e.g Compasses:

It would be nice to get some comparative testing, maybe a ArduPilot Test target, which can also test out the drivers. Speed Accuracy, price, ease of use or whatever else etc This is also an opportunity for someone to learn more about the ArduPilot hal / driver layer

Ideally also a unit test framework that involves actually running the hardware and verifying semantics e.g via uart or debugging port

Planned amount $$ (USD):
Most of these sensors are available on ebay etc, so maybe $200 to cover the cost of materials etc

Estimated time for completion:

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The key to this is the time of the person doing the testing. I do a lot of sensor testing and evaluation, and it does take quite a lot of time.
Do you have the time to do this? Or can you suggest someone who does?

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No and no. As I said, what someone new to Flight controllers would get out of it is the opportunity to learn a lot about sensors, and communications interfaces as well as hardware testing and flight controllers and would look good on their CV.

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Thanks for the proposal.
Even if the goal is interesting, it appears that nobody want to step into this work, so we are closing this proposal for now.
To anyone that want to do it, fell free to come with another proposal.

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