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아두파일럿드론재작할수있을까요 [Declined]

(nam sung ho) #1

):헬리콥터에 꼬리날개를 자릅니다
회전날개 양력에의해 토크가발생합니다
헬리콥터는 반대로회전하게되어 추락합니다
저의기술은 꼬리가잘린헬기 하부에 휠을설치 합니다
휠회전에의해발생된 반토크는 헬기가 회전하지안케해줍니다(꼬리날개역할)
휠회전에의한 자이로효과로인해 헬기는 안정화가 이루어집니다
휠 한개를 드론에설치하면 토크가발생되어 반대로회전하면서 추락합니다
드론에 두개휠설치하면 토크상쇄 하면서 안정화됩니다
2,기존에나와있는 드론이나헬기 등은 센서에의한 자세안정화 합니다
센서에의한 토크상쇄는 없습니다(양력 토크상쇄)
새로운방식 토크상쇄 합니다
기존나와있는 드론은 상용화한다 말만할뿐 상용화 되어있지못합니다
이유가 여렀있겠지만 안정화문제도 있다 생각합니다
제가 안정화문제를 해결할수 있습니다
미국특허출원 us20160362178a1

Estimated time for completion:

(Olivier Brousse) #2

Via Google , translation from Korean:

Can I make an arduous pilot drone?

): Cut tail wing on helicopter
The torque is generated by the rotary wing lift.
The helicopter rotates in the opposite direction.
My technique is to install the wheel on the bottom of the tail-cut helicopter.
Anti-torque generated by wheel rotation makes the helicopter not rotate (acts as a tail wing)
The helicopter is stabilized by the gyro effect due to wheel rotation
When one of the wheels is installed in the drones, a torque is generated, and it rotates in the opposite direction.
Two wheels mounted on the drones will stabilize while canceling the torque
2, the existing drones and helicopters are stabilized by the sensor
There is no torque offset by sensor (lift torque offset)
New way to offset torque
The existing drones are commercialized but not commercialized
I think there is a reason for stabilization.
I can solve the stabilization problem
US patent application US20160362178A1
Developers for drone

(Olivier Brousse) #3

Does not look like the kind of proposal Ardupilot would be interested in unfortunately, if there is a patent application behind.

(ppoirier) #4

Well if its from North Korea …, they really dont give a damn about patents anyway… the only problem is trying to explain that to the gendarmerie when they bust your home at 4 am pretending you are a spy that try to sell armes de destruction massive at little rocket man :wink:

(nam sung ho) #5

저는 대한민국사람입니다
북한하고는 관계가없습니다

(nam sung ho) #6

사람이탈수있는 상업용드론을개발하고 상용화하기를 원합니다

(ppoirier) #7

Ardupilot is a Flight Controler designed for Uav , where the letter U stands for Unmaned.
We do not recommend , support or authorize the usage of ArduPilot code, or part of the code for Manned Vehicles.

As for my humourous reference to NK, its a friendly reminder that our developer community is exposed to this kind of menace and we want to keep our right of sharing knowledge without any obstructions.

Best of luck on your project

(nam sung ho) #8

저는 대한민국에사는 평범한시민이다
어느날갑자기 아이디어가 떠올라 여기까지왔다
당신들 유명한사람들 도움이 필요합니다
나는다시말하지만 대한민국사람이다

(nam sung ho) #9

특허 도면 확인 하시면 내가어느나라사람인지확인됨

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #10

Thanks for sharing your idea.

We have a model to submit contributions, but given the scope that a GGL translate allows us to get from your proposal, we feel it is out of scope for ArduPilot.

Best luck with your project

(nam sung ho) #11

이아이템 거절한사람들에 축복있길 기원합니다

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #12

(Olivier Brousse) #13