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PWM Output Signal Options [Expired]

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As Ardupilot continues growing it seems as though it would be very useful to provide PWM output options other than R/C Servo Pulse. In the world outside our bubble, this signal is pretty rare and largely unusable.

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Outputting a more widely accepted control signal would be particularly useful for Rover/Sub/Boats that may not be using R/C style control servo’s.

For example:
User selectable frequency with a bipolar or unipolar duty cycle scaled to the typical 50Hz, 1ms-2ms variable pulse width we’re currently sending.

It could scale a few ways:

1ms = 0% -- 2ms = 100% (or inverse)
1ms = -100% -- 1.5ms = 0% -- 2ms = +100%

By scaling to the current R/C Pulse I don’t believe this would require a ton of work as in theory, only the output code would need to be added to?

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Already done.


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