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IIC protocol Firmware Development Task for TFmini LiDAR sensor

(Siya Liu) #1

Hi, Ardupilot talents.
Recently the ArduCopter firmware 3.6.2 and Rover 3.4.2 has been released, which is compatible with Benewake LiDAR TF02 and TFmini via serial port. With the new firmware, our customers are allowed to set RNGFND_TYPE as 19 or 20 to choose Benewake LiDARs.
Benewake is about to release TFmini via IIC protocol. To add the TFmini IIC protocol to the latest firmware, we would like to coorporate with APM developer.
Kindly pls check below Datasheet of I2C TFmini if you interested, and contact me anytime if there are any questions. Thanks. : )

01_BenewakeFirmwareDevelopmentTask.pdf (795.8 KB)

02_TFmini-I²C-Datasheet V1.1 EN.pdf (401.6 KB)

TFmini link you could find on Ardupilot partner IR-LOCK:

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(rmackay9) #2

I’m not quite sure of the best category for this but I’ve moved it to “Development team” for now 'cuz this is probably better than “blog” which made it appear on the front page of ArduPilot.

(Siya Liu) #3

@rmackay9 Thank you for your kind help :gift::+1::sunflower:

(ppoirier) #4

@Siya any update on this ?
People are buying more and more of the I2C and there is no driver yet , and I know some talented guys here that can make it work and we need it now.

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(vosair ) #5

@Siya Hello! I would buy many TFmini I2C if I could use it on ardupilot. Please develop a driver as soon as possible! Using it on serial is not ideal, as I need the serial ports for other accessories. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help test. Thanks!

(Siya Liu) #6

@ppoirier @vosair Hi, Excuse me for late reply. Our engineer tried to contact with some talents for developing the driver, but there’s not much progress yet, I’ve forwarded your feedback, hope there will be solution soon. Thanks. Best regards. Siya

(ppoirier) #7

@Siya , please excuse my instance, but your customers have unfilled expectations , and we have developers standing by.

(gblanco) #8

(Siya Liu) #9

Thank you all for your kind support to Benewake, our FAE have been contacting with talents in Ardupilot, and will try to have the driver ready when our TFmini Plus I2C version is ready. Any questions, welcome to email for further info. Thanks.

(Sergey) #10

@Siya thanks for the update, is there preliminary time estimate for that?