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Benewake TFmini vs.TFmini plus, different sensors?

Is there any difference between the Benewake TFmini and TFmini plus other than the IP65 enclosure? Does the plus have a better sensor?

According to the IRlock product page, it’s a TFmini with enclosure. Any confirmation that the plus works with copter is appreciated.

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Have you been able to use the plus over serial?

Never tested it, but it should work ok.
It may cause some overrun due to high refresh frequencky @ 1khz , you may have to reduce to 100 Hz (actual TFMINI refresh Rate)

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Do I adjust the refresh rate in mission planner? Or is it done directly on the TFmini plus via some sort of serial interface?

Its ‘‘B’’ : done directly on the TFmini plus via some sort of serial interface?

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@vosair Actually, TFmini Plus is developed based on TFmini with higher detection accuracy and frequency. Please check below difference of TFmini and TFmini Plus:

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The TFmini Plus will have I2C version not long time later, so we’ll have the drive for both TFmini and TFmini Plus I2C version. I suppose it will be around March.

I tested the TFmini plus on my cube yesterday and it works just fine without changing the refresh rate.

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Will I2C versions of TFMINI and TFMINI+ be ardupilot compatible ?
Will they have a setup/update GUI software like UART versions have ?

Any progress in

Thanks in advance.


Hi,Miguel. Benewake FAE is working to get the TFmini and also TFmini Plus I2C version compatible with ardupilot. The work is not started yet because we are still waiting for the TFmini Plus I2C version to be published. The I2C version setup/update GUI software is supposed to be like UART version. I’ll update news here when there are progress. Thanks.

I have a new TF MINI PLUS.It has an I2C, 4 pin connector.Can I connect it directly to the Pixhawk I2c port and will it function normally (without intermedite Audrino etc)
or I should change the TF Mini Plus connector to 6 pin and then plug into Pixhawk Serial or Telemetry port.
Thanks in advance

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@vendor_april Now the TFmini Plus supports Pixhawk I2C, we’ve just updated, you could refer to below firmware,

Or check the attached file:
Application of TFmini Plus IIC communication in Pixhawk.pdf (709.8 KB)

Kindly keep me updated about more such tfmini plus I2c modifications.unfortunately I had to revert back to serial connection on experiencing difficulties in I2c setup inspite of software upgrades…I wish I had more reaction time from my customers…pleasedo keep me posted about further mods…very grateful

did the tfmini plus always support serial, I have gotten conflicting information about this sensor. I have connected it to the pixhawk 2.1 on serial 4 and set all the settings correctly but heard it is not supported on serial. Is pix mode even needed anymore and if so when and why seems like that might have been needed when the driver wasn’t working. any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

TFmini Plus supports both Serial(UART) and I2C, you could switch to different version by software setting.
Pls check, we always publish the latest info in this link. Thanks.

? Yes, just the firmware link… :slight_smile:

Can you please give the command code to change from UART to I2C on TF Mini Plus. Thanks.

Can anybody help me with this matter please. In the manual of TFMini Plus says to change from UART to I2C you need to send the following code with GUI: 5A 05 0A MODE SU but i dont know what are the corresponding numbers for this command.

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