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Wing Wing Z-84 QuadPlane Conversion (Part 2)

(Greg Covey) #1

I’ve decided to continue my Wing Wing Z-84 QuadPlane conversion project. Part 1 of the conversion is in the Plane 3.8 forum here.

The project left off with my conversion hover tested but not doing transitions to forward flight. Some oddities were revealed in the quad motor/ESC performance and I also felt that my hover power level was a bit on the weak side as I could not hover on windy days.

In addition to updating the APM Plane firmware to v3.9.x, I decided to replace the old (very old) BLheli HUG ESCs with some new Hobbywing XRotor 10A Mini ESCs. I liked the long, thin profile of the ESC that should fit nicely on my flat carbon bars. The ESC has many features that should help it to perform in a small QuadPlane design.

If this upgrade doesn’t perform properly, I have some higher power Quad 250 size motors that I will install next.


Wing Wing Z-84 QuadPlane Conversion
(Wasim Akram) #2

Hi GregCovey, I was wondering what your lift to weight ratio right now (since you mentioned it’s a bit on the weak side). I have got a tilt rotor quad plane with a L/W ratio of 1.7, and I just want to compare it with yours :slight_smile:

(Greg Covey) #3

Hi Wasim,

My hover current looked to be around 8 amps at 55% throttle the last time I checked it. The “weakness” of lift in wind may be due to the angle of the booms or the HUG ESCs occasionally slipping. At times, I can hear a motor whining like it got out of sync with the ESC. I am hoping that my new XRotor ESCs fix that.

(Wasim Akram) #4

Hovering at 55% throttle sounds healthy though. Your boom angles are probably a few degrees at most (?). To me, it sounds like it’s the ESCs the cause of concern. Good luck :slight_smile:

(Greg Covey) #5

I finished my ESC swap on the Wing Z-84 and did a nice hover test in the backyard. I didn’t hear any of that strange noise I used to hear with the other HUG ESCs so hopefully the next transition will go better. The weather this weekend looks like crap so I’m not sure when I’ll get to test it.

(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #6

Greg…whatever happened to this project?

(Greg Covey) #7


My health happened. I lost a few months of flying, just after Winter ended, but hope to start back in a few weeks. The testing with the new ESCs is still on my list.


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(Henry Wurzburg aka ATX_HELI) #8

Hope you are better now…
as to the hover power issue, do you have the motors tilted forward to allow the wing to help with lift in hover?

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(Greg Covey) #9

Thanks! The motors are not tilted forward so that may be a good thing to try if the new ESCs fail or the transitions look awkward.

Here is the hover posture.