VTOL -- freeman2100 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing +pixhawk

Hi @tridge please look at the log file and why IMU gyro sampling didn’t saved.

Hi @tridge i was tried to set notch filter for my VTOL but there is no IMU gyro data saved in the onboard log.please I’m attached log here for your reference.

Hi all,
I have 2 questions:

  1. I flew more or less successfully with MFE firmware but I wanted to start using officially Arduplane FW (as I heard that MFE changes were anyway already integrated and Freeman is about to be discontinued… ). I tested version 4.1 with parameters from @tridge + slight modification and tuning of HNTCH filter params twice … nevertheless I wasn’t even able to proceed to plane mode due to strange wobble in yaw in coper mode (with original MFE it is rock stable without any tuning)… I don’t have enough knowledge and courage to tune it by myself. So my question: Are you using original MFE FW and why or are you using Ardupilot original FW and why + do you update regularly to newest stable version?
  2. Does anyone using parachute? Do you have it in “cargo bay” or on top with some ejection mechanism? Any documentation (foto or video)?
    Thanks Jakub

Hi GregCovey…
I have freeman 2100 VTOL but with CUAV 5+ flight controller…
Can i use this param ? Freeman7_v3_10_0_dev.param

The MFE team released a FMU v3 flight controller, you can learn more through the link below.


i vas trying to takeoff and the aircraft did not lift, just make a frontflip without lifting the nose. in this “crash” i broke 2 props and unglue the vtail.
after checking the log i figure that the battery level makes a low peak to 17v and in this moment everything goes bad, the rear motor go on full throttle and front motors to zero. i assume that this cause the flip, but… i cant figure why i have this thing happening, even after repeated succesfully fligth in quad mode. (i was ready to make Qautotun). also, wich type, or pitch of props coud be a replacement for the 1485 and 1555 props (because in my country i cant find those)
Here is the log of the flight. please someone helpme to solving this.

Please @GregCovey or @tridge can you helpme Please

Hi Paul…
I interested in your front motor on freeman 2100 VTOL.
I have freeman vtol but I don’t like tilt system .l would like to test your system…if you please , send me the parameters that you using on your drone .and details of the motor …


Hi all,
in manual mode VTOL transitions are smooth, but in auto mode I have troubles to switch from VTOL to fix mode.
Today a flown two identical mission and first was without problem but at the beginning of second drone could switch to fix wing. This has happen to me already multiple times.
First two WP are:
DO_CHANGE_SPEED (with this step I am not 100p sure so I rather set 17m/s = 1 m/s higher then transition speed limit )

I have uploaded logs al mission on my gdrive:

I would be very glad if someone cen check it.

Thank you in advance.


Hi all
Im building my first vtol freeman 2300 and im having some problems with my setup…

The first thing is the tilt rotors will not activate when using servo 75 and 76 but they work with setting 41.

When i try to do a motor test they work individually and test in sequence but when i want to test all motors ardu says denied…
In the message menu it stats the motors must be disarmed for motor test but below it states throttle is disarmed im very confused…
Can anyone throw some light on this?
Thanks in advance

Why this unstable flight (after upgrade to X7 brd) on Qloiter/QStabilized flight? I made the same hardware with copter firmware and it flew perfectly?

Tried use only one imu, reduce gyro rate, etc

I was use H7 Cuav nora before and done Perfect flight ! X7+ is more IMU and new processor, I waiting for better flight, or is hardware problem ???

did I read it right.
To buy a Freeman 2100 the shipping is 1300 bucks. wow

Alright guys, I’m in need of some help. I am unable to get rid of the oscillation in the yaw axis. I’ve played with


Up, down, sideways, etc. to no avail. I either have a large amplitude slow oscillation or a small amplitude fast oscillation. Below is the param file:

VTOL_params.param (21.0 KB)

And here is a link for the log files and a video.


Would really like some advice/guidance on how to proceed in eliminating this oscillation.


Hi Dronedown
I need some help from you.

Alright so, we were able to eliminate A LOT of the yaw oscillation on our vehicle. The secret?

Set Q_A_RAT_YAW_FLTE to 0.

The tuning instructions on Tuning Process Instructions — Plane documentation says to set it to 2, but offers no explanation or instructions on if and/or how to adjust it.

We were at our wits end and decided to set it to 0 just to see what happened and the majority of the yaw oscillation stopped. It is not completely eliminated yet, but now the aircraft can be tuned normally.

The reduction was enough to allow us to transition.

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Hello, dear friends, who can help me set up pixhawk 2.4.8 for my freeman 2300. I don’t understand what firmware for my controller. And what version of mission planner. This is my first plane. Please help me.

They have their version of AP. you can use that Firmware type.
Or alternatively, you can use Latest Arduplane, that works also for me.

Always latest Mission Planner.

I recommend a new 4+1VTOL.

Hi everyone,
I just started to assemble the vtol based on this discussion and I could not figure out how to fix the tail wing parts. Can anyone show how it can be fixed? The doc of freeman 2100 does not have enough information on its website.
Thank you.