Hero VTOL 4+1 Fixed wing

Hi, guys
This time, the MFE team brought you our new aerial test drone, the Hero VTOL. Here are some detailed information about the Hero.

Hero VTOL Fixed wing Aircraft

The Hero VTOL is a multi-purpose vertical take-off and landing fixed wing. The unique design of the UAV nose can be replaced, which can be equipped with an orthophoto camera or a tilt camera when used in the field of surveying and mapping, and can be equipped with an optoelectronic pod in the field of monitoring. The multi-purpose design expands the range of applications and reduces the cost of flight.

Basic Parameters

Wingspan: 2180mm
Vertical arm: 755mm (including motor base)
Wing area: 53dm²
Body height: 255mm (including tripod)
Cruising speed: 17-22m/s
Body length: 1140mm
Aircraft angle of attack: 0-2°
Wing Mounting Angle: 2.9°
Stall airspeed: 12m/s
Conversion airspeed: 14m/s
Maximum climb angle: 3.5°
Maximum dive angle: 5°
Maximum roll angle: 30°
Payload: <1kg
Take-off weight: <7kg
Take-off altitude: <3000m
Ceiling altitude: 6500m
Wind resistance: level 5 (normal operation)
V tail angle: 28° up, 20° down
Disassembly method: quick disassembly without tools
Working temperature: -10℃-50℃
Packing box size: 1100x350x430mm
Aileron Rotation: Up 22° Down 28°
Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
Material: EPO, carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, engineering plastic, etc.
Mapping endurance: 136min/144km (speed 19m/s, load 600g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.65kg)
Monitoring endurance: 125min/126km (speed 18m/s, load 450g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.5kg)

Efficient Aerodynamics

The Hero VTOL adopts a streamlined shape as a whole to reduce flight resistance as much as possible while ensuring stable flight.

Official Website: https://www.makeflyeasy.com
Technical Support: https://doc.makeflyeasy.com
Download: GitHub - makeflyeasy/MFE_ArduPlane
Contact Email: makeflyeasy@qq.com
Facebook: Redirecting...
Official Purchase:https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804611396135.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_groupList.8148356.1.79f52d91PzkcYp&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!US%20%24692.00!US%20%24692.00!!!!!%402132a21116667518425002244e7058!12000030523953147!sh&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa&_randl_shipto=US


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Next, I will continue to update the Hero VTOL assembly process and some flight test information in this In the post, thank you for your attention! If you have any questions about Hero VTOL, please leave a message to exchange

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Everything looks good, however, you can not buy anything in your store on Alieexpress, or no information is displayed …

I also found this problem and am trying to solve it.
You can first look at the agent here.

OK, I’m in!

Just ordered. The swappable noses should be very useful to me …

Notice it’s called the Retrograde at MFE
Can’t find a manual or printable parts at GitHub or MFE
(don’t really need the manual as I’ve built so many MFEs but the printing parts for the nose would be nice…

We’re working on a video tutorial for installation, which will be up in the next week or so.
We also have the manual and the 3D-printed file of the nose ready to be uploaded soon.
I’ll share the link with you once it’s uploaded.


Figured you were working on it as it was new.


Links to the Hero nose section 3D files and the user manual

That was fast!


The latest Hero VTOL assembly guide video has been uploaded to YouTube, if you have any questions, please leave a message

Just waiting for it to get here…

Let you know then … :slight_smile:

It arrived last night!

Please pass my thanks to your shipping dept. as everything came through perfectly :slight_smile:

Just finished gluing the fuselage halves together.
Will the motors be done the same as the Striver Mini?

Hope the weather holds until I can get the maiden in!

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All done w/the assembly except for the flight controller and motor checks.

Could you please verify which screws I should be using to mount the rear engine plate to the plastic frame? Don’t want to crack the plastic!

PS The plane has the usual MFE fit and quality. Makes building a breeze! (except for soldering - I hate that part :slight_smile: )

[edit] Never mind! Found them in the unmarked bag w/the motor screws.