VTOL -- freeman2100 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing +pixhawk

In my build, I used one screw on the right side to attach the servo. Left side has that open hole. I remember also having doubts about that. There might be a way to screw in the left end but it wasn’t obvious to me and hasn’t been an issue.

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I should fix the right side first and see that is fixed enough.
Thank you so much!

Hi everyone,
Anyone using CUAV x7 fc for freeman 2100?
How do you make connections on servos?

can you help give me your parameters

No he can’t.
Greg past away early last year.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Are you referring to @GregCovey? That’s sad to hear.

Hello everyone,
I just got a MFE Freeman 2100 kit and am trying to get it all to work. I am very new to drones and flight controllers in general. I have gotten to the point to where I am able to calibrate the accelerometer, compas and radio. However, when I connect all my motors and try to calibrate the ESC’s I experience a number of issues that hopefully someone here might be able to help me with. Issue 1: motors 1,3, and 4 take forever to connect. Issue 2: When they do connect and give me the audio tone, motors 1, 3, and 4 start spinning up without any input from my radio. My expectation is that none of the motors should be spinning until I give some input with my transmitter. if I put my roll/pitch stick to the top-right most position as well as the throttle/yaw stick to the bottom-left most position all the motors stop spinning. I want to be able to verify that the motors respond the way they should to what I command from my transmitter as well as input from the IMU/magnatometer. I am using a pixhawk 2.4.8 with a spektrum radio and transmitter, I am also using a ublox m8 gps module. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest creating a new post. This one is completely junked up with irrelevant posts and rude tagging that went nowhere.

If your mission becomes valuable (such that the cost of the servos isn’t a primary factor), I’d like to make you aware of a couple products of ours, which you may find interesting. We offer a couple of micro servos (100oz-in and 150oz-in) that fit perfectly within the stabs, plus an all-alloy 905oz-in robotic-type brushless servo capable of accepting a 3S source and expressly designed to swing the motor/prop 90° to translate from vertical lift to forward flight. These are rugged and have all metal gear trains.

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