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VTOL -- freeman2100 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing +pixhawk

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(Asim) #2

??? and what am i reading?

(makeflyeasy) #3

Sorry, I don’t know how to upload youtube video is in BBS.

(Greg Covey) #4

For some additional information, MakeFlyEasy is the company that makes the Believer, so in essence, the Freeman is a Believer VTOL TiltRotor/QuadPlane. The Freeman is designed for mapping with single-camera or multi-camera aerial surveys, as well as other mission payloads. The large payload section can support DSLR cameras like Sony A5/A7. It comes pre-assembled in its own travel case. Currently, it seems to be sold only at With minor modifications, it can be converted for FPV as shown on numerous Believer reviews.

(Loic Chappaz) #5

Looks exciting!
Sadly my Chinese is non existent but the dollar amount under the yen one seems to range from a few hundred dollars to $2500, I’m guessing depending on the package (Kit, PNP, …)
@makeflyeasy any info on future availability in the US ? Can one purchase it on Taobao and have shipped it overseas? A quick Google search yielded several “Taobao US agents” that seems to operate as intermediary, but I’m not familiar with that.
@GregCovey Any experience with Taobao?

With the VT Bird, seems like quadplanes(-ish) are starting to appear on the market – exciting!

(makeflyeasy) #6

The KIT costs 2,399 yuan (about $348.3).If you need to purchase, you can contact our sales contact by email:

(rollys) #7

Your English website is blank. When will you have it working?


(Loic Chappaz) #8

@makeflyeasy OK thanks! What is included in the Kit?

(makeflyeasy) #9

Sorry, our English website is closed. If you have any questions, please contact me at

(makeflyeasy) #10

The following is the product introduction link:
Because the picture introduction is in Chinese, you can translate it through the software of image recognition, or contact me via email:

(curt carroll) #11

I cant seem to translate the site & tried to email you twice. Did you get them?

(makeflyeasy) #12

Sorry, I didn’t receive your email. Please send it again.My email address is

(MickeM) #13

We got three Believers.
One of them built and in use, works great!
And two not yet built Believers (the second version).
And with that I wonder if it is a complete plane-kit or just the VTOL-parts in the kit for 350USD?
We dont need one or more new planes, just the VTOL-parts.

(curt carroll) #14

The quad plane hardware only kit. I just ordered one & it cost $456 to get it in the US.

(Loic Chappaz) #15

@mtnsurveyor Does that include all electronics (inc. Pixhawk), rx/tx, battery (ies) ?

(curt carroll) #16

No I wish! just the hardware only.
I need to buy moters esc FC ect…

(makeflyeasy) #17

Freeman2100 is a complete KIT version of VTOL.If you have Believer, you can also buy VTOL’s wings alone.Their fuselage and tail are universal.

(makeflyeasy) #18

Yes, the main freight and tariff are higher.

(curt carroll) #19

That was not a complaint on the cost. I do not have a believer but I have read only good stuff. I am happy to try this product and pay the stupid tariff.

(makeflyeasy) #20

Thank you for your recognition. If you have any questions during the subsequent installation, I can contact you directly.