A Pixsurvey V3 flight controller is recommended, developed based on FMU V3, which is more suitable for VTOL aerial survey


  1. Based on the in-depth development of the MFE team’s many years of experience in using Ardupilot, the design of FMU, IMU, GPS and PMU is more reliable.
  2. Based on the MFE team’s many years of VTOL surveying and mapping experience, the experience of installation and use is more convenient.

User Manual:


Installation tutorial video:
1-Introduction to Installation Preparation

2-Firmware Download and Parameter

3-Cruise Motor ESC Installation

4-Connector Wire Definition and Installation

5-XT90 Battery Plug Soldering

6-UAV Body Flight Control GPS Installation

7-Wing and tail electronics installation

8-Ground Aircraft Electronic Equipment Calibration

9-Outdoor multi-rotor fixed-wing flight test