Plane 4.1 stable

I used cuav v5 nano and nora with nice flight before !

we would need to see the successful flight log with the v5-nano and the bad flight log with the X7+ to see what is wrong

My 5 cents: X7-Pro is using different sensors. I think retuning would solve the problem.

I will get bin log of them soons. I returned to H7 flight board, will get test VTOL tomorrow. I tested hexacopter drone with X7+ using plane quadroplane 4.1.7 fw and have a good flight, I will compar these logs.

VTOL Stabilized with old H7 board !

EDIT: This seems to be expected and accepted behavior with Q_RTL_MODE=0, but that does sound like a bug with Q_RTL_MODE=2 as you have it.

Quadplanes variety of modes significantly complicates the desired failsafe behavior, but it seems like most of people’s issues would be solved by a bit that has the failsafes trigger QLAND instead of RTL if the mode is a quad mode. That would only be an issue for people who fly in quad mode in an area where they can’t emergency land.

I have a very repeatable issue where a particular airframe runs the forward motor inappropriately, even with Q_VFWD_GAIN=0.

@tridge, could you have a look?

@andyp1per Any updates on smart audio implementation?

I have a couple of units on order to do some testing. Trappy thinks he might have some fixed VTX code around about now - I will check in with him - the good news is that the CRSF side has had a lot of love, so I don’t think it will simply get dropped. So still work in progress - and I apologise for the delay - but its been out of my hands. I also have a tramp implementation done so will test as part of this.

IIRC 6.18 is the new CRSFv3 implementation and 6.19 is the VTX rewrite + CRSFv3. Unfortunately 6.19 did not fix the issues with VTX telemetry - which I need - but its getting very close.

Any updates on the smart audio issues?

Sorry, I have lost the context on this. Please can you lay out for me your setup - including flight controller and wiring - and what is not working for you?

Hi Will, I had the same VTx issues to you with earlier versions CRSF (6.13/6.14/6.16) when using SA for VTx control. If your goal is VTx control try this:

On Copter 4.2.3 with CRSF V6.19 & Plane 4.2.3 with CRSF V6.17, SA functions correctly for me. I’m still tentative about 6.19. The updater and firmware versions of late haven’t been too robust.

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I have a Matek 405WSE with a TBS Unify Pro HV and TBS Nano for radio link 6.19 firmware. The implementation of smart audio ceased working I had the smart audio connected to a spare UART.

Please can you post your settings and describe what ceased working means

I used to have it hooked up and power levels controllable through a switch. That stopped working and it kept locking the VTX to low power. So I removed the smart audio line and have disabled the UART. I want to connect it all back up if that functionality is back.

Ok thanks - can you post the settings you were using?

I’m pretty sure the below captures all the relevant params. The outcome previously was like it was not talking to the VTX properly. It would lock at 25mw and I was unable to change power so the message would continue to scroll. My switch had a custom curve to get 25, 200 and 800 mw.


I am not quite sure which target the WSE uses, here is a build of Matek-F405-Wing with my latest SA changes. Are you able to try it? It against 4.3-dev so be careful about actually flying it - but hopefully you can test on the ground. Take a copy of your parameters before uploading as parameter conversion from 4.2.x might mean you have to reload parameters to go back. This was working good for me on your VTX hardware.

arduplane.apj (861.8 KB)

Might take me a bit but I’ll give it a go, F405 is the correct target thanks.

Sorry for interfering but is Autotune reliable after plane 4.1 stable versions? Still having problem with roll controller tuning?

Yes it works great but why not upgrade to the latest 4.2 and try again