Skip GYRO calibration on start-up

I have done my 3D acc calibration and AHRS level calibration too .Now I want to be set disable of Gyro calibration on startup for quick start.

And I want use always one time GYRO calibration value instead of every bootup.will this method recommend and how this will affect flight performances.

Randomly I’m getting Bad_gyro_health prearm message on my CUAV X7 pro,how over come this .I didn’t disable skip Gyro calibration in this.

Can anyone guide me if I’m wrong on this.

The gyros drift (all the time) hence the need to calibrate every boot. If you gyro cal is taking a long time then the craft is not still enough.
The way to disable the gyro cal at boot time is “boat mode” designed to allow boot and launch from a moving platform. You wouldn’t want to use that mode all the time though, only when actually required.

Some time I’m getting bad_gyro health prearm message on Arducopter how to Rectify the issue?

Could be temperature related:

try a pre-flight reboot or pre-flight calibration via MissionPlanner and see if that helps once temperature is stabilised.

Let us know what you find

I have done 3D acc calibration again and level calibration too on my CUAV X7 pro autopilot ,but still I’m getting follwing error

  1. prearm- gyro not healthy
    2.prearm - EKF attitude is bad

What does it means .

I have calibrated my acc &level at autopilot internal temp level 62degree, and as you said pre-flight calibration or pre-flight shutdown also doesn’t help here I have tried many times .

Any solution for this after reboot shutdown also says prearm bad gyro health…

Try installing Rover firmware, then back to Copter and run through all calibrations and set up manually - don’t load any old param files.
If that doesnt make any difference you might have to talk to your supplier about a replacement.

did you have kill this problem ???

No its hardware problem.

My situation, I was tested with 4 units of same board, different lote time, because I am drone productor, and all X7 board have same problem gyro very sensity, I fell this is calibration problem, because only doing when run motors stopped on the table, is very clearly, I am studing to recalibration, my cause is doing only Plane fw, in copter it didn’t doing.

Try checking and adjusting INS_STILL_THRESH

Thank you ! Good suggest, I will try this today !

I changed board to CUAV nora H7 same firmware plane, and it´s working perfectly !

I did the accelerometer and gyro temperature compensation and that fixed the issue.