Plane 4.1.7 4+1 starting forward motor early and not stopping it for landing

I have a 4+1 quadplane that now runs the forward motor during takeoff and landing (AUTO, Q_LOITER,Q_HOVER). The problem occurred twice in a row. Other nominally identical aircraft didn’t have the same issue within minutes of these logs, so the issue is likely not baro drift or anything like that.

I landed by descending in Q_HOVER and then cutting the throttle and switching the plane manual.

2 Logs with the problem.

2 logs before the problem existed (more available)

I re-calibrated the forward ESC and flew again with the same result. This time, the motor or ESC burned out. The issue seems to only take place in auto mode, and only with this aircraft. Several other aircraft with substantially the same hardware, parameters, and mission behave as expected.

More logs. Problem aircraft is BC10D, good aircraft are BC10B and BC10C.