Log analysis, higher vibrations after autotune? Overall performance


please, help me evaluate my copter’s performance. I just performed an autotune on all 3 axis and here I am sharing a log from my first test flight after:


Honestly, I cannot see/feel much difference between now and before. The quad seems to fly just fine without any issues. But when I look into the logs and charts I see worse numbers.

This is VIBE (before the absolute max was 10-15 m/s):

And this is a “lean” comparison of AHR2.Roll and EKF1.Roll and EKF6.Roll (before the lines were on top of each other):

I don’t know what else to look for. And I don’t even know how really bad the performance and tune are, could you tell? When doing the autotune I lowered the aggressiveness to 0.084 (0.1 being the max).

Note. I don’t need the quad to fly fast nor to respond extremely quickly. I want to achieve a stable, reliable flight with minimum vibrations and risk of failure. God knows, maybe the log is good and I am worrying about nothing.

Any input or idea is very welcomed! Many thanks!

What prop size? You should have left the Auto Tune aggression at default (0.1).

@dkemxr I am sorry, the props are 10inch

I would reset the PID’s back to the Initial Tuning values. Configure the Dynamic Notch Filter. Set Auto Tune aggression to default (0.1) and then run Auto Tune again.

vibration level are acceptable but you can see noise pattern on it

also they are visible on gyro and rates data

as Dave said configuring Dynamic Notch Filter could help to filter them but before configuring Dynamic Notch Filter check cilliping

cilliping is meaning that your accelerometer reached its maximum , maybe something hitting your flight controller or …

Guys, thank you both for valuable inputs!

@dkemxr : Dave, I will do everything as you said, but I have to wait for a calm day first. As for the dynamic notch filter, I have to read up something on it. It looks promising.

@hosein_gh : Thanks a lot for the charts. About the clipping issue. I noticed there are 3 clipping data in log. VIBE.Clip0…2 As I see the first two are at 0 and the last one is drawing the line all the way to 55k. Could maybe a tiny loose telemetry cable be the culprit? Otherwise, everything is tied up and I don’t see what could be hitting the flight controller.
Also when I inspect some older logs I see the same issue with VIBE.Clip2