Why does not my PID changes in my drone affect my drone flight?

Hello everybody,

I change the PID values one by one, but there is not any change on flight. I want to know why this happens.

Can anyone help me about this?

Changing them one by one will not get you what you want/need.

You need to change them methodically and systematically with a certain order.


I followed these steps, but how much I increase D term, ossilation is not observed.

You can see it below:

Increase it more. Add follow How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

Thank you for your sharing. I’ve built many copters before. This is the first time I encounter such a situation. My copter’s vibration values are very good. Altitude attitude is very good. I do not encounter any problems while the vehicle is in the air. Just changing the pid tuning does not make any difference in the copter. WHY?

I think this friend had the same problem as me but couldn’t find an answer.

Exactly which parameter are you changing?


I actually changed these parameters during the flight via channel 6. (I kept the min. - max. range wide). No observable oscillation occurred during flight