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Unable to get response from px4flow

(fesswood .) #1

Hello everyone!
I have a trouble with setup px4flow on my quad via i2c. I read the article about setup of px4flow and succesfully flashed firmware from it and calibrated good focus of the px4flow lense, but further I had no success.

Flight controller and pxflow links:
FC: Pixhack nano
cuav px4flow 2.1

I am not sure what exatcly I am doing wrong.
I have read this and these posts.
After reading I added separate power and gnd to i2c hub from 5v PDB, lights on the px4flow was flashing, but I had all rellated params is zero( I mean opt_x, opt_y).

Also it’s not clear which adress I have to set as FLOW_ADDR. If this value = 0 nothing happening. I found from source code that by default i should be 0x42, and set to FLOW_ADDR as 66, but it didn’t help, I see bad optflow health that’s all. Please advice some way to solve it.

Params of quad:!AiGtL7PtkJNfgeAPR5aXlOb8f-6o4Q
Logs with enabled px4flow:!AiGtL7PtkJNfgeAN6kprv7y4mF8O0g

(fesswood .) #2

So at the weekend I found out i2c address of my pxflow by using arduino i2c scanner, as expected it was 0x42. Continue investigation.:thinking:

(ppoirier) #3

The adress should be set to default: 0
Did you tried connecting directly to I2C port ?

(fesswood .) #4

Finally I got some data from px4flow thanks a lot! What I did: used default address l, separate power source, and leave some space under my quad. So next question about orientation of px4flow, I see xyz axes print on px4flow, and x axis hasn’t the same direction as my flight controller…

(ppoirier) #5

For this , follow method showned in the wiki, as you will align and adjust OF gains in relation to FC IMU