Trouble with PID tuning I believe

It appears from the log that motors 1&2 are working overtime.

My setup,
Largeish quad
Cube orange+
18in props (yes balanced)
340kv motors
Here link 1.1v
6s batteries.

The issue that I am having is the copter will bounce back and forth between motors 1&2, Not all the time.

I would appreciate anyone willing to look at the.bin file and see if they are help shed some light on my situation.

I am trying to upload the bin file but it apparently it’s to large.

Can’t look at the log right now, but are your motors perfectly vertically aligned? With 18" props a couple of degrees off center will have quite the effect.

Yes they are aligned, I made sure of that first.

I have been digging thru the forums, reading and watching everything that I can possibly get my hands on over the past week or so.

I know that I am still in the beginning stages of this tuning process but 1&2 bouncing back and forth has me scratching my head.

The P on stabilize roll was about 6.7 initially, I lowered it and it seems to fly a bit better but still bouncy.
Screenshot 2024-06-07 104919

Even after lowering the previous value it didn’t change this value on the graph…

Here is the most recent flight.

is it stable enough to start an autotune? ( i would be cautions though as when it starts to self oscillate if could go crazy)

did you configure it using the methodical configurator?

It won’t autotune, keeps saying that the copter isn’t level even though I have leveled it so many times.

I did use the preconfigure setting that asks for prop size and battery cell count.

You may want to read this thread.

Have you tuned any filters?

I will give it a read…
I haven’t tuned any filters, currently I can’t see that filters would cause the issue that I am seeing.
I am definitely willing to be wrong. Have you see in the bin file that it would help?

Just trying to rule out hardware issues first, do you have a different 4 props to test with? I’ve had bad props that looked perfectly fine but were bent at some point which made them slightly more floppy, resulting in similar symptoms.

Yes I have tried 3 different sets of props, they are all known “good”/balanced.


Dave I have read where you have helped lots of people with tuning and would ask if you would be so kind to maybe help me?

Just to clarify, the quad seems responsive but not twitchy, but between motors 1&2 there is this wobble that happens when I give pitch input and sometimes it seems random. The random may be a wind influence cause it. Other than the 1&2 motor bouncing it seems pretty solid. I didn’t really want to autotune because I don’t feel that I am at that point yet and when I click autotune it say the quad isn’t level.

Could this be caused by ESC’s that didn’t calibrate properly?

Sometimes, some vehicles work fine without any tuning.

This is not the case for your vehicle.
There is no such thing as a magic bullet parameter that magically fixes it all.
You do need to read some documentation and fix one parameter after the other to get the vehicle to run.

@Tristan_Redish already told you how to fix it.

Thanks for the reply, are you referring to the “methodical configurator” app?

Btw I have been reading constantly about tuning and PID’s etc.

Yes, I am talking about the configuration app. Designed explicitly for users like you

I will dig deeper into it, I installed it and got a bit lost in the weeds. Thanks again for responding.

Where are the weeds? Give me feedback on it.

No. Rate PID values too high and/or PSC_ACCZ P&I values wrong are usually to blame.

Most of what you need to fix that is here
Initial Tuning

Here is the first sample flight to start the notch filter process. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Side note, it flew amazing this time. I did adjust the yaw parameters a touch and wow the wobble is gone and its solid.

Last night I went back over the frame and noticed that 2 of the motors were ever so slightly tilted, fixed that.

@amilcarlucas @dkemxr @Tristan_Redish @Oli1 I really appreciate the time you took out of your day to look at my situation and assist me with getting my quad up and solid.

Bin file…