TF Luna I2C or UART not working Matek H743


I’m scratching my head trying to get proximity sensors working on Matek H743 Wing. It’s been two days digging through sparse documentation…

I’m trying to connect a Benewake TF Luna after unsuccessfully trying a sonar module.

I followed the following documentation:

I’ve tried TX/RX8, TX/RX4, TX/RX1 as well as I2C via CL/DA1 and CL/DA2 jumping pin 4+5 as in the documentation. Pin 4+5 on the TF Luna was not jumped for the Serial connection attempts.

I have visually confirmed the sensor is powered, but no joy when checking the status page in MP.

I am running Ardurover Firmware, posted here because the rover thread seems to have limited response, I am guessing Arducopter users have more use cases for proximity sensors.

I also have a Cube Orange which I can possibly attempt for this project but fear I am missing something in the configuration rather than on the hardware side.

Any assistance will be appreciated!

TF Luna Ardurover.param (19.1 KB)