SpeedyBee F405 Wing Firmware

I don’t see the firmware for SpeedyBee F405-Wing on the firmware page OR one of these two firmwares are compatiable with Wing?

The firmware name is SpeedyBeeF405WING (with a capital S), so it is sorted further up on the page.

@BenWolsieffer, I generally use stable versions, but I still don’t see any releases in those folders, but I do see SpeedyBeeF405Wing in these two folders. Are these stable releases?

It’s in latest (master/Dev). Use that or wait until it’s in Beta or Stable.
Those are your choices.

The default speed for Wifi (SERIAL6_BAUD) must be changed from 57600 to 115200 and to use an airspeed sensor ARSPD_BUS must be changed from 1 to 0. A cheap BZ-251 GPS+Compass can be used directly with 1:1 wired JST-SH connector. Caution: The pinout on the GPS connector is not the same as the Ardupilot standard pinout. The pinout for the connection of the airspeed sensor, however, matches the usual one.

Does anyone know the parameters for Frsky-Passthrough telemetry ?