SIYI Modified QGC (Compatible with SIYI Links and Cameras)

Dear Community,

As soon as SIYI starts to release cameras especially gimbal cameras, we realized that only using the GCS to display video and planning but having only physical channels to control gimbal is not a good way enough.
So, we developed this customized QGC app for customers to use SIYI links and control SIYI gimbals more smoothly. Welcome to join the beta tests and leave your comment, suggestions, and even complaints here for future improvement.
Hope we can work together to provide some more diversity to the community.

Demo Video

Best regards,


Thank you Frank,your work is never done and I dont think it ever will be


Are you going to release the source code of it? Even better a github repository.

@SIYI are you releasing the app to your radio customers under Apache or GPL license?


One issue I always had with QGC on smaller screens is the fact that the compass and artificial horizon + recording button is too large in proportion to rest of screen.
This covers a lot of the background image. :roll_eyes:
My preference would be:
a) Having it size & position adjustable to suit individual needs
b) Having it just in the background as is the case with SIYI’s own version
c) like in MP where once a video is streamed all the video is visible in the background.

On that note I’ve also would prefer the bottom Instrument display to:
a) Be able to be moved into the top row as is the case with a custom build QGC as found on GitHub
b) also background neutral so full background / video can be seen.
c) more discrete moved into bottom corner as seen in this custom build:


When they release the source, depending on what license they choose, you can recompile it with the mods you need. Moving and resizing things is not that difficult. Also i’d like to see if they did a custom build or modified a standard stable version.

As said we need to know what license they are going to use. I have a feeling @SIYI may not answer to this request :slight_smile:

Recompiling maybe easy for you.
I haven’t had great experience doing that over the years with various projects.
Right now I’m battling with a 3 year old project that won’t compile as one component is outdated.
I believe this leaves me with only two options: Go on the hunt for the original version and hope it won’t cause another problem with my system, or somehow change the build instructions to work with current version. …then hope this version still works as was intended in original project.
…gotta love computers,…

Just note that the SIYI customized version is compatible with SIYI links and cameras only, so will be the compiling files.

are you going ti release the source code of the app?

Yes, why not? In a proper time.
And we are going to work with Randy to contribute for standard QGC.

What would be proper time? If you released to customers the app and you developed with qt shareware you should release together with the app. What license did you use to release the app?

It is BETA app. Don’t you think it better to release codes after BETA?

And would be better if you can explain a little more about your exact requirement or purpose pushing so hard on us by message or any proper way else. If you are going to contribute to the project or to suggest on codes or just want to use the codes or anything else, just say it. Communication can be better than simply pushing.

Please note the main purpose of this discussion is to collect comment, suggestions, complaints regarding using the app. After all, it will benefit the community. We will always respect any kinds of your activity and your activity can be more helpful to this discussion if it is more relevant.

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Will look at the code, modify and make it work for other radio and links that still use your gimball. Releasing the code is very relevant so someone can use your work to adapt to their needs, same as you did with QGC code, that how shareware works :slight_smile:

I think there is already a better place for you to contribute and discuss. Started by @rmackay9

We cannot promise an exact date to release code at this moment except for giving you a positive answer. After all, we are running as a private company instead of open community.


I will contribute there too.
So you are stating the app is developed with a paying version of QT and not the shareware version?

If you follow the dev setup to compile QGC i can help you out making it work and move things around.

same here, can source code be accessed as per GPL license? i would like to contribute, some aspect of project are interesting

Looks like they don’t care about GPL, they grab what they need and don’t give back. Tipical. I guess there is only one thing we can do as users vs companies that act like that. Just don’t buy their products.

Just wrote to QT and linked the app to see if they can find out if it was developed under a commercial QT license or a shareware license.

i tried the linked version for android and it’s the very same of the official one. I didn’t see any of the mods which can be seen in the video, like the different telemetry indicators etc. Msh, did you try it?

No didn’t. Maybe the mods come alive if there is some of their hardware running, they may probe the network to see if something is alive to start the “special” functions. Need to take a look at source to see what is going on.

I am using the app on a HereLink controller due to the fact that the ZR10 stream only works with the Siyi app.
@SIYI I have a list of things that would be nice if they would change:

  • I cannot map the buttons of the controller because on the HereLink the system sees two joysticks and I can only calibrate one. One is the actual joysticks (named mlx_joystick) while the other consists of the buttons (named gpio-keys). I am using the HereLink Settings app to overcome this but that is not a good solution.
  • The video stream is not reliable. If I exit (to either plan or change a setting) the main QGC screen, I can expect to either get a delay of up to 15sec or to see a frozen stream. Restarting the app works.
  • Zooming more than 10x will sometimes move the gimbal to the forward (default) position
  • I get a “Error binding UDP port” at each powerup though there is no automatic connection displayed of the QGC Comm Links page. E suppose that you hardcoded one. For users like me, that only uses a Siyi camera, that does not need to be there and is annoying because it has to be closed each time. You could maybe set one in the .apk instead of hardcoding one.
  • Since QGC already has a record button on the right of the screen I do not think that any of the 3 icons bellow the “reset camera to default position” are necessary. If you want to keep them then at least disable the QGC ones.
  • I think the “reset camera to default position” button should also reset the zoom. Maybe a personal preference.
  • I really like how one can touch the screen and move the gimbal, but for me the X and Y commands are reversed.

I guess the community would solve a bunch of these issues if you would share the source.