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RQ-7B Shadow Scratch Build

(Colin) #41

well its time to bench run the motor as its a pusher i think better off ruining on test stand with STD prop

(Colin) #42

Finished off all the covering today ready for Fit-out :grinning:

(Colin) #43

Got sick of looking at all the grey :grinning:

(Colin) #44

and i dont like the gear i made so time to re design one

(Max Blanc) #45

Absolutely great work @yak-54 I really love it. Did you get to test it yet? If so, does the vibration of the IC engine affect Pixhawk? I have no experience in IC, but read a lot that the vibration is a big problem and people get errors due to it. I am planning to build a plane with IC as well. Thanks

(Colin) #46

vibration should not be an issue with the cube as the motor is rubber mounted from the frame

(Matthew ) #47


where do you get those? I am in the process of completing a IC build and was scratching my head over what to use for motor mounts.

(Colin) #48

I think it was a kit i got some time ago
Great Planes Large Engine Isolation Motor Mount Gpm-g2000


(Colin) #49

Well i ran 2 tanks of fuel through it just check the motor was a runner :grinning: