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RQ-7B Shadow Scratch Build

(Colin) #44

and i dont like the gear i made so time to re design one

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(Max Blanc) #45

Absolutely great work @yak-54 I really love it. Did you get to test it yet? If so, does the vibration of the IC engine affect Pixhawk? I have no experience in IC, but read a lot that the vibration is a big problem and people get errors due to it. I am planning to build a plane with IC as well. Thanks

(Colin) #46

vibration should not be an issue with the cube as the motor is rubber mounted from the frame

(Matthew ) #47


where do you get those? I am in the process of completing a IC build and was scratching my head over what to use for motor mounts.

(Colin) #48

I think it was a kit i got some time ago
Great Planes Large Engine Isolation Motor Mount Gpm-g2000


(Colin) #49

well the eme 70 is lot heavyer than the manual 2440g in the manual its 1800g weight to heavy so going to down size to RCGF 61cc MK2 Side Exhaust 206171 206171_1 206171_2 206171_3

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(Colin) #50

Ok time to start the install

(Colin) #51

mounted fuel tank fuel lines and fill dot and throttle servo and the ignition

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(Colin) #52

well fitted airspeed sensor in the nose

(Colin) #53

fitted the fitted RDF900+ antenna and fuel fill dot

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(Colin) #54

And RDF900+ modem

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(Colin) #55

and fitted the power switch and ignition switch and kill

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(Canterobb) #56

congratulations, excellent project, I would love to see you fly.

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(Colin) #57

install 3 Frsky lipo sensors
and gas suit ( rpm and engine governor and 2 temp sensors )

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(Colin) #58

and install the 3 axis gimble with gopro hero4 i will be using it to recored 4K video and using it as an FPV camera
and the 800mw video transmitter a

and antenna

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(Matthew ) #59

What gimbal are you using there? Looks nice and clean.

(Colin) #60

Tarot T4-3D 3-axis gimbal

(Colin) #61

Ok fitted the cube with 2 power bricks and 2 distribution boards one is 7.4 volt for the servos and video TX
the other is 5 volt for receivers 2 x frsky xr8r and osd and rdf 900+
nothing is powered off the cube

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(Jeff) #62


Great job so far Colin! Looks fantastic. What type of wood (6mm plywood ?) and what did you use for paint?

(Colin) #63

I used 3mm Marine Plywood
its not paint its just cheap covering from hobby King 5 bucks a for 5 meter roll