RQ-7B Shadow Scratch Build

Hi all i have started a project to build from Scratch 50cc 2.6m RQ-7B Shadow so i started the build here so i get some ides along the way

some of the gear i will be using

Wing 2.6m
Fuse 1.1m
DLE55 Can exhaust & electric start Dubro Fuel Tank 3000cc 100 oz
The Cube Autopilot
3 x 5000 2S lipo
Frsky 2 x RX6R
8 x Hitec D645MW Servos
FPV 3 Axis CNC Metal Brushless Gimbal


Well made a start last night picked up 2024-T3 wing tube and made some selves
and picked up the carbon fiber landing gear from HK which is 254 mm high wheels 100mm and made nose gear from some out my junk

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well every plane needs a plan so me and a buddy made a start on the wing
so we work out the chord is 400mm (16")

i need to design power system for powering the plane
1 x the cube
8 x D645MW digital Servo 4.8 to 8.8 volt
1 x RDF 900+ 5 volt
1 x Osd 5 volt
1 x VTX 7 ~ 24 V
1 x Gimble 7 ~ 24 V
2 x Frsky RX8R Pro 3.5 ~ 10V

this may do the job will have a dig around to see its ok to use in gas powered plane ?

what i have been reading no good for large gas plane

It’ll work perfectly fine. You could argue that it’s overkill, but it’ll certainly work.

+1. Agree with Jakob.

got some ideas ?
bit lost in the department as its has large servos
any help be great

As long as you’re not drawing more than 10a with your servos, it should be fine. The other main thing to consider is voltage. That unit spits out 5.3v, which is great for older servos, but if you have newer HV servos then you can go up to a higher voltage to get better servo performance. However, you wouldn’t be able to use that unit in doing so.

If you’re buying a new one, you can get it in any voltage specification you want.

i also looking into one of these Advance Radio Smart Bus Extreme 3S
change of plans don’t need servo power box
the cubes servo rail will cope with 2 apms on each servo out put
just need to have a good supply at each end of the servo output :grinning:

well got all wood so time for me and buddy made a start :grinning::grinning:

and started on the wing ribs :grinning:

This the setup for powering the plane going to run 2S setup

I have a question: Why did you choose to power the Pixhawk 2 from the same BEC as the video equipment, rather than chain it together with the radio equipment?

Hi buddy its not i had up loaded the wrong picture the cube is powered by 2 power mini bricks

Oh, ok. That makes a lot more sense :slight_smile:

going to fit Frsky Gas Suite

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did a little more on the fuze before it got to hot 40 deg celsius ( 104 fahrenheit )