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RQ-7B Shadow Scratch Build

(Colin) #21

going to fit Frsky Gas Suite

(Colin) #22

did a little more on the fuze before it got to hot 40 deg celsius ( 104 fahrenheit )

(Colin) #23

finished sheeting fuze today

(Colin) #24

made a start on the nose

(Colin) #25

been little busy getting the kids off to uni any way did little tonight fitted the nose gear and servo

(Colin) #26

and fitted the battery tray

(Colin) #27

and made a vibration mount for the cube and gear

(Colin) #28

Finished off the nose

(Colin) #29

finished of the elevators and the tail

(Wasim Akram) #30

Hi Colin,
How did you manage to get details of the (inverted) v-tail angle and the tail angle of incidence? And how did you pass it onto your build? I usually find it a nightmare with scratch builds.

(Colin) #31

looking at lot pictures with a ruler and protractor lol

(Colin) #32

made start on the spars and little carbon to help

(Colin) #33

done little more on the wings

(Colin) #34

Did little more on the wings just about ready to cut off the flaps and aileron

(Colin) #35

cut the wing root on the fuse

(Colin) #36

ok time to setup the tail with wing span 102" ( 2.6m ) had move in door to Dining Table


(Colin) #37

Hmm bugger had an issue with us hamming nails into the table HeHe :thinking:
o’well moved back out side to the shed finished of in there man it was hot out side 41C thats ( 104F ) :sun_with_face:
anyway all good got it done

(Colin) #38

been bit slack too many nice flying days lol
finished covering the wings now its time to fit the servos and strobes

(Colin) #39

well crap day out side cold and wet
so i fitted the servos and horns and the strobe

(Colin) #40

time for bed now just finished tail