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RFD900x-TxMod for Taranis X9D and Horus X12S with Telemetry

Ok lets start thing you need


Teensy 3.2

Download and flash Teeensy with By Eric Stockenstrom

and a DC to DC Buck Step-Down Voltage Regulator to 5V for the teensy above 5v i have found them to stop for no resign at 5.2v and above they say 3.3 to 6v tolerable (ha ha )


first up i have to change Molex plug as it was only 4 pin was installed on RDF 900x TXmod

then added the wires for the teensy

then added the wire from teensy pin Tx1 to bottom pin on rdf txmox molex plug

add a buck converter to drop V+ to 5+
i have found that teensy is little unreliable at anything over 5.1

flashed with Mavlink to FrSky S.Port Passthru Converter By Eric Stockenstrom

covered it up heat srink

put it all back to together

Then go to this project add it to openTx on taranis X9D or the horus X12S

fired it up on the Taranis X9d first

works great on the taranis x9d now to try the horus x12s

thank you all

Eric Stockenstrom and Alex Apostoli and RDF ( Seppo )


Looks like you attached to both TX and RX or the RFD module but then only connected to the RX of the teensey leaving the other wire disconnected, is that right?

Also do you by chance also get a lot of noise on the Taranis speaker with the TX Module attached and active?

yes i did only need TX pin off the rdf 900x to rx pin on the teensy
its just there for future projects if needed

the RDF900x does all the polling for mavlink

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