RFD900x-TxMod for Taranis X9D and Horus X12S with Telemetry

I am going to attempt a work around for the issue of alerting the pilot to loss of connection. It seems that the simulated GPS sensor is always lost when the signal is lost. It also seems that as long as you have a GPS lock you will receive a GPS messages every 2-3 seconds. I am going to try to set an alarm in OpenTX to sound when the GPS sensor is lost for more than 2 seconds. I will test this workaround and report back.

i have ask Eric Stockenstrom - zs6buj this is the way the mavlink to passthrough works

Yeah, we installed a PR from hasil123 back in 2020-01-18 v2.51

  if(fr_rssi < 1){    // Patch from hasi123
    fr_rssi = 69;

The purpose was to ensure connectivity to the Taranis et al, even when there was a problem with rssi. Before that we had

//#define RSSI_Override // Dummy RSSI - fixed at 70%

Further, I continue to send rssi even if we lose Mavlink telemetry. We did this because on some long-range radios telemetry would time out, rssi to Taranis would stop, and Taranis screen stops updating.

So it’s a bit of a mish mash and could benefit from a logic clean up.

Since then we increased the telemetry time-out to 10 seconds, so it’s probably ok to stop forwarding (the most recent) rssi on the downlink when the uplink is broken.

Also, maybe 69 is a bit odd, so I could make it say 70% when rssi == 0, but only if
(#defined RSSI_Override) is true.

so its to fix openTX issue not updating