Release date of ArduRover 4.1?

Hello everyone,
There was a long story about my journey in implementing ardurover (pixhawk2.1 cube) with jetson tx2 and ROS navigation stack on mobile robot AION R1 rover. !

In case I’d like describe this project later in other posts. I have some observation and notes.
@rmackay9 thank you for your time and contribution this means a lot, right now I’m curious about release time of stable ArduRover 4.1? How can I check the current situation, and what it should be done before the rover dev 4.1 branch would move to the master?

Hi @nuryes14,

The blocker before we can start Rover-4.1 testing is switching to use EKF3 as the default. So far that has been held up by this issue. I hope it will be resolved soon but it’s out of my control I’m afraid.