PreArm: Logging not started , PreArm: Logging Failed , Bad Logging : copter 3.6.9

Dear Friends: started building new copter frame, unable to Arm due to following messages

PreArm: Logging not started
PreArm:Logging Failed
Bad Logging

Tried different values with following parameters but no fix!. Able to Arm successfully with RMING_CHECK:0 but I need logging while flying

Pixhawk: clone chineese model

NOTE: I have selected “NO” for “Upload ChibiOS?” message while loading copter:3.6.9

tried reading below threads but did not fix the issue.

Copter-3.6.0-rc5 available for beta testing - #28 by Jan_Willem
"PreArm: Logging Failed" w/ File&MavLink - #4 by peterbarker
3.5-rc8 PreArm: Logging Failed - #6 by fnoop
Bad logging error - #31 by skyveyor

Pls. help.

1/ changed SD Card from 1GB to 4G — new Pixhawk comes with 1GB card and I swapped it to old Pixhawk’s 4GB, both chineese cloned
2/ LOG_BACKEND_TYPE:1 (File) — only working with 1 (File) and not working with 0,2 and 3