obs/RINEX file from Pixhawk BIN/log

Greetings…first post here.

I have seen several post that don’t quite answer my question so decided to ask here:
Using ublox NEO-M8N on Pixhawk, I need to generate an *.obs file.

I saw an old post here that was never answered:

ublox forums have some info about using u-center to “turn on” RAWX and SFRBX to be able to generate *.obs and *.nav files.

My question: what is the best way to go from Pixhawk BIN or log file to *.obs file?

Can someone point to a god set of instructions?


What are you trying to do? As far as I know obs and nav files are only used/useful for RTK, for which you need an RTK capable GNSS receiver (such as the NEO-M8P).

Trying to do PPK and the obs is required for that, i.e. RINEX and not proprietary ubx file.

The M8N is officially not supported to do RTK/PPK. There are workarounds read here, but you for sure won´t get the raw measurements from the Pixhawks .bin log file.

Appreciate the pointer ! Very useful.