Converting the (GPX, KMZ, KML or CSV) file to a RINEX OBS one

Hi everyOne,

i’m working on a project where GPS accuracy is a very important task that need to be done.
in that case i need to use the famous RTKLIB liberary wich require the base and rover OBS file.

Based on what i checked, most people can get it all that files (GPX, KMZ, KML or CSV) including the RINEX OBS one directly from Mission Planner using Dataflash Log tab, then press the “Generate KML + GPX” button in Mission Planner.
That the opposite in my case. I think because of the GPS Receiver that i’ve got on my rover (Hex here), it may not be capable of recording RAW DATA. :weary:

The question is, is there any way to convert one of these (GPX, KMZ, KML or CSV) files or combine them so i can get the RINEX OBS one !!!

PS : i’m working on Mission Planner 1.3.85; ArduPlane 3.8.5; with a PixHawk 2; RTKLIB 2.4.3

Best Regard,